Frequently Asked Questions

The surgical management of pancreatic diseases is well known to be some of the most complicated operations requiring extensive training and experience. Pancreatic surgeons have received this training to thoroughly understand diseases of the pancreas as well as having the technical expertise to safely undertake the necessary complex operations. More importantly, experienced pancreatic surgeons are equipped to manage the complications and difficult recovery that are common after pancreas surgery. The pancreatic surgeon is often the leader of a team of physicians, therapists, dieticians, and nurses working together to provide optimal outcomes.

No. Our specialists are here to guide you through the process of obtaining a diagnosis while getting a head start on a treatment plan.

No. Our experts are able to provide initial opinions in-person or virtually to anyone in the world.

Yes. Our surgeons have extensive experience in robotic surgery of the pancreas.

Yes. As a member institution of the Southeast Clinical Oncology Research Consortium, our patients have access to NCI-sponsored clinical trials.

Yes. We are thankful for our many benefactors whose kind donations have helped and continue to help our program.

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