Kristina Mirabeau-Beale, MD
Kristina Mirabeau-Beale, MD Radiation Oncology

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  • Harvard College, Anthropology and Women’s Studies, Cambridge, MA
  • Harvard Medical School, Medical Degree, Boston, MA
  • Harvard School of Public Health, Master of Public Health, Boston, MA


  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Internal Medicine, Boston, MA


  • Harvard Radiation Oncology Program Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Mass General Hospital, Radiation Oncology, Boston, MA

Ghiso Fellowship for Palliative Care, 2009 (Harvard Medical School); Thomas Brown McClelland Fellowship from the Miami Rotary Club, 2007-2009; Linanne Scholarship (Harvard Medical School), 2007-2009; Joseph Garrison Parker Prize (Harvard College)


  • Breast, Lung, Skin, Gastrointestinal and Gynecologic Malignancies


  • Palliative Care, Integrative Oncology
  • Board Certified in Radiation Oncology
  • American Brachytherapy Society
  • American College Of Radiology
  • American Society For Radiation Oncology
  • American Society Of Clinical Oncology
  • Collier County Medical Society
  • Lee County Medical Society

Dr. Mirabeau-Beale, MD, MPH is a board-certified radiation oncologist, a native Floridian and has been practicing in SW Florida for over 5 years. She has served as a prior board member of Cancer Alliance of Naples and on the NCH Cancer Outcomes Committee. Dr. Mirabeau currently serves as the chair of the breast cancer leadership program at the Regional Cancer Center with Lee Memorial Health, the only NAPBC accredited program in SW Florida. She has published extensively on patient quality of life after radiation therapy, has been an invited speaker on radiation therapy for breast cancer at national meetings and has clinical expertise in treating breast, lung, skin, gastrointestinal and gynecologic malignancies, as well as special interest in palliative care and integrative oncology. Dr. Mirabeau-Beale received her undergraduate and medical degrees at Harvard University and completed her residency in radiation oncology at the Harvard combined program at Massachusetts General Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA. She maintains a strong working relationship with colleagues in the Harvard Cancer Program as well as locally at Moffitt. Dr. Mirabeau-Beale is dedicated to providing high-quality, compassionate, evidence-based, and academic-center caliber care for our local community.