Taylor Lawless RDN, CSO, LDN
Taylor Lawless RDN, CSO, LDNMedical Oncology

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Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist (LDN)

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)
Issuing authorityAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Collaborate with the infusion clinic, Palliative Care Clinic, Cancer Rehabilitation Program, and Lee County physicians to counsel patients to obtain optimal nutrition throughout treatment and survivorship
  • Plan and implement new initiatives and protocols such as the Head and Neck Clinic and ERAS protocol to streamline the patient care process and reduce patient anxiety through education
  • Communicate with enteral supplement providers and nutrition supplement representatives to obtain supplies and samples for patients
  • Organize and provide monthly nutrition lectures for patients and survivors to provide up to date information

Taylor is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, author, and runner. Her goal is to inspire, motivate, and teach as many people as possible to lead happy, healthy lives.